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Successful in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis
For over 30 Years


About Us

The Centre for Educational Intervention in Early Childhood (C.E.I.E.C) has been working successfully in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis (A.B.A) for over thirty years, and is the oldest UK based provider of intensive educational/behavioural programmes for children and young people with Autism, and developmental delays (including Downs Syndrome)

What We offer

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A.B.A. offers the best (and only scientifically validated) opportunity for developmentally-delayed children to achieve their best potential, and C.E.I.E.C. is recognised worldwide in its role as a provider of high-quality early intervention programmes.

We specialise in the inclusion of children into mainstream education, in overcoming severe behavioural problems, and in the acquisition of functional language skills. All of our clients are assured of a carefully planned, closely monitored and highly individual approach to their particular needs.

C.E.I.E.C. currently offers home- and school-based programmes, in the U.K., Ireland, continental Europe, Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait and India, and will travel globally from our base in the U.K.



So what is A.B.A? 


The Verbal Behaviour Approch

Learning to Read

For the Parents

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